Bulent began working as a Cartoonist and an Art Director in Istanbul. He arrived in Canada for his cartoon exhibition in 1986.
His cartoons and illustrations covered a range of subject matters from humour to political satire. He was also one of pioneers who were passionate about the environment, the danger of nuclear power and weapons, and engineered foods back in the 1980s. Some of his works were acquired by the National Archives of Canada and were exhibited at the Canadian Museum of Caricature.



Bulent has 10 years of experience in popular TV cartoon series. He was a supervisor in Character Design, Layouts and Posing. Some of his shows: Caillou, Arthur (Emmy Award Winning for consecutive 4 years), The busy life of Richard Scarry and A Bunch of Munsch. In 1996, while working in the Animation industry, he developed his interest in Abstract Minimalist Paintings. His works were inspired by the beauty and flow of human form and dance. His paintings are usually a simple stroke done with a stick, revealing the underlying layers of color.

Bulent is also a professional Argentine Tango Dancer and Dance Festival Organizer.

Bulent and Lina Tango